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Night's Black Bird

Thomas Campion

Lift up to heav'n, sad wretch

The cypress curtain of the night

Author of light

Shall I Come Sweet Love to Thee

Though you are young

Tune thy music to thy heart

Divisions on If thou long'st

Divisions on Never wether-beaten sail

Maddalena Casulana

Morir non puo il mio cuore

Lady Mary Dering
When first I saw fair Doris’ eyes

A false designe to be cruel

And is this all? What one poor kiss? 


John Dowland

Go, crystal tears

O sweet woods

Come again, sweet love

I saw my lady weep

Tell me, true love

Think'st thou then by thy feigning

Flow, my tears

Francesca Caccini

O vive rose

Settimia Caccini

Core di questo core

Cantan gl’augelli

Giulio Caccini


Ardi, cor mio

Amarilli, mia bella

Svogava con le stelle

Fortunato aguellino

Filli, mirando il cielo

Belle rose porporine

Isabella Leonarda

O flammae

José Marín

Ojos pues me desdeñais                                     

Qué dulçemente suena

Tortolilla si no es por amor 

Pensamiento que tu daño                                 

Claudio Monteverdi

Quel sguardo sdengnosetto

Phillip Rosseter

What, then, is love but mourning

No grave for woe                           

Barbara Strozzi

Che si può fare

Lucrezia Vizzana

Sonet vox tua


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Claudio Monteverdi, "Quel squardo sdengnosetto" (Eastern Connecticut State University 11/16/18)

Thomas Campion, Divisions on "Never Weatherbeaten Sail " (Bishop Seabury Anglican Church, Groton, CT 11/17/18)

Caccini manuscript, "Amarilli, mia bella"

José Marín, "Que dulçemente suena" (Bishop Seabury Anglican Church, Groton, CT 11/17/18)

John Dowland, "Flow, my tears" (Snell Theatre, SUNY Potsdam, 3/21/18)

Caccini manuscript, "Amarilli, mia bella"
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