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Night's Black Bird
NBB Eastern CT state.jpg

Masterclass at Eastern Connecticut State (November 2018)

"After our work together on “Tune Thy Music To Thy Heart” I was inspired to do my half hour recital entirely with early music! [...]  Thank you much for inspiring me to do this, I’ve had a lot of fun using what I learned with the Night's Black Bird trio!"  


- Lindsay Wright, Crane School of Music SUNY Potsdam (March 2018)


Concert at Muhlenberg College (February 2019)

"The result was an intimate concert in a beautiful performance space. The sounds of bass viola da gamba, Baroque guitar, lute, and voice echoed slightly in the Chapel. The members of Night’s Black Bird sat less than twenty feet in front of their rapt audience for a performance of English, Italian, and Spanish late Renaissance and Baroque music."


- Caya Greenspan-Layman (Muhlenberg Weekly, February 7, 2019)

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